2005/04/20 07:55:45.015 GMT+1000

If you think an entry should be disqualified, vote on the front page.

Entrants may vote that an entry be disqualified for one of three reasons:

  1. Did not follow the theme of the competition,
  2. Did not work on the target platform, or
  3. Entrant cheated.

An entry that gets more than 50% disqualification votes is not eligible for any prizes, though they'll still appear in the rankings ("do'h, if only I'd followed the rules!")

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Comment by Hamumu on 2005/04/20 08:16:08.576 GMT+1000

And don't forget to vote for the Uberpelly... I'm trying to do that now and it's HARD. I've got a list of TWELVE I'm trying to pick between.

Comment by Jolle on 2005/04/21 04:19:42.157 GMT+1000

Yeah, the voting for Uberpelly is really hard! A shame on all you people writing good games, have you no consideration for all the poor voters? ;)