2005/04/24 12:45:54.414 GMT+1000

Enhanced Edition

During the week after the contest I fixed a multitude of small bugs, and added a multitude of small enhancements.
Please try it out: pygame | windows.

Post Mortem

The Good

The Bad

I enjoyed this year's contest even more than last years. I am really enjoying trying out everyone's games, and I'm learning a lot on what I can do to improve my game making skills.

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Comment by Endurion on 2005/04/25 23:54:46.647 GMT+1000

Boohoo, in the competition version i couldn't finish level 5, in the enhanced i can't finish level 8. Drag.
Very well done :) Both version are grand work!

Comment by Phil Hassey on 2005/04/26 01:57:50.725 GMT+1000

glad you liked it. a hint for level 8: follow the guards to the left. then hide, then when they leave, you can get to the exit.