Group Hug.
2005/05/04 17:59:44.719 GMT+1000

Many thanks for a good game all, and thankyou to the hosts. You did a great job.
I like the current anonymous scoring system, though can we have a description field with each disqualification nomination? I'm a bit alarmed that I received one and would like to know why.

Big thanks :D
2005/05/03 09:16:56.144 GMT+1000

#######-I would like to say this before i will fade away...-########## ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Huge thanks for Richard for this compo :P and thanks for helping me put my game on in the last min :P i was getting realy nervous back then... :) Dont count me into the next compo...because im going to serve in the army in about less then 2 months :S May be they wont put me on Attacking units so i could probably come home much more and may have a chance in joining the next compo but i doubt it :( I am sorry that i couldnt finish my game didnt have much time during some personal problames while programing but hey everything was good in the end and im pleased :) btw i was making even an intro movie for the game shame i didnt finish it. well never mind maybe ill do it later :P after my exams. Good Compo and Best of Luck for ya lads for the next compo :D :D and may the best wins ^_^ _______________________________________________________ yours Ariel Yust 2.5.2005

2005/05/03 00:46:07.077 GMT+1000

I wrote up a postmortem for my game... you can check it out at

Massive thanks to richard!
2005/05/02 12:46:28.586 GMT+1000

Thanks to richard for the website, the work adminning the contest and actually running it!

Thanks for all the fish... err.. work.. :)

2005/04/30 10:16:11.608 GMT+1000

For people who did t understand how to play my game PureEl please read the instructions :P and if you cant understand how to launch it press the LVD.exe :) thats all oh and i have improved my game and i have the next level ready :D ill impliment him and draw some more art for it :D and it coding time :D yey

2005/04/29 09:39:50.793 GMT+1000

well... went to fix that little *cough* *cough* bug that I had in my game only to discover that I deleted everything but a lttle backup I made that saturday afternoon during the compo... o well... always next year to make a game that doens't crash your pc... not intentionally of course :P...

2005/04/27 17:44:14.998 GMT+1000

Am I really allowed to post news about bugfixes and improvements I've made to my entry? It sort of defeats the purpose of a 48 hour contest if people keep adding things after the deadline.

More details
2005/04/27 02:12:18.918 GMT+1000
Hey Richard, I second the opinion on Ludumdare forum about seeing what others commented on all the entries. i would like also to know the name of the person who commented on the entry.
dbl post sorry
2005/04/26 21:54:15.910 GMT+1000

win32 exe for my game
2005/04/26 21:36:19.739 GMT+1000

Even after my last rant people still wanted one. Well who am I to deny the masses.

Here it is:

The only change I made is the green square is a little less picky about detecting a win. See the pygame version if you really want the origional. Virt no difference.



How is my game not for the PC?
2005/04/26 13:55:48.701 GMT+1000

It was made on a PC not a playstation2, an O2 or a palm pilot. It would probably run on all those platform though.

I guess since my game was written in python its target platform is python. But python runs on the PC so what is the problem? At least bitch how there is no exe and knock a few marks of for that. Just do not 'no mark' because you are too lazy to bother.

Anyway my readme explains you need pygame and python. Please RTFM! Because that kind of comment I would expect from a dumb ass user not a programmer.

I'm not that pissed off (:


One (hopefully) last update - family edition
2005/04/26 01:09:23.779 GMT+1000

I decided that the gore factor of my last release was a bit high. So I changed the blood to bullet holes. The new effect looks pretty cool.
pygame | windows.

Another Source Link
2005/04/25 01:55:54.825 GMT+1000
The previous link does not seem to work. Please try this link:
My entry's source code
2005/04/25 01:45:25.703 GMT+1000
The source code included in my final entry is not the final source code. The final source is at:
Enhanced Edition & Post Mortem
2005/04/24 12:45:54.414 GMT+1000

Enhanced Edition

During the week after the contest I fixed a multitude of small bugs, and added a multitude of small enhancements.
Please try it out: pygame | windows.

  • added 3 new levels -- varying from easy to hard, 8 levels total now
  • added 3 different dying effects -- see screenshot
  • added level status in corner
  • improved sound effects
  • optimized painting
  • fixed a multitude of small bugs

Post Mortem

The Good

  • Prep: I made sure all my tools were installed and working before the contest
  • Planning: gave me considrable direction and a better starting idea
  • Tools: pygame, pgu (level and tile editors), ModPlug, n-track, Audacity
  • Windows: knowing how to use py2exe
  • Testing: Having lots of it. Game play came out good, and no critical bugs were in the contest edition.
  • Time: Managing time from most important features to least
The Bad
  • Tools: wish I had 3-D tool knowledge to do my lighting effects and hi-res graphics.
  • Testing and Time: wish I had more time to do more to weed out the last few non-critical bugs, but you can only do so much in 48 hours.

I enjoyed this year's contest even more than last years. I am really enjoying trying out everyone's games, and I'm learning a lot on what I can do to improve my game making skills.

For a longer version of this entry go here.

OS X version
2005/04/24 06:11:14.854 GMT+1000

I've recompiled my game to work on OS X. I bought a Mac mini just for that so I hope someone will give it a try and tell me if everything is working OK.
Download DMG file (1.3MB)

2005/04/24 03:40:12.672 GMT+1000

Heh - i guess that my screwup with the testing code seems to have made it so
some people couldnt see how it was linked to the topic For those who left the
comments saying so.. the link is:

The object of the game is to bring light to the dark universe.

Every time you increase the size of your sun (try pressing '=' a few times) the
stars shine brighter. Oh well.. next time ill be extra carefull with the
binary i upload.. sorry for that. :) Besides that i still havent judged
everyone.. very slow process! (i keep getting stuck playing them for too long!)

AI confuddlement
2005/04/23 16:11:59.663 GMT+1000

I've noticed I have a lot of comments saying that there is no AI. If this is the case then I have a rather large bug to fix before I continue programming this game. Is everybody sure they have and not one of the test versions? Note to Cairnswm: If you feel like finishing Piksels then make sure I get a copy. :)

Speed issues
2005/04/23 09:45:44.592 GMT+1000

I've had a couple of comments about Uplighter running very slow, all from people with 3 ghz cpus. Which is weird since it runs smoothly on my computer with 1.8 ghz. I'm pondering whether I've screwed up any of the timing code, but I don't know yet, and thus I have no recommended fix yet either. Update: Codexus has gotten it to work by simply compiling it in MSVC. Here's a link. Thanks Codexus!

Also, Uplighter will, per default, use as much cpu time as it can. Some people do not seem to like this, but it should be easy to fix: Either enable vsync for OpenGL, or try running Uplighter with the -cpufriendly switch.

Finished Judging
2005/04/22 21:11:44.671 GMT+1000

Well I have finished judging the 36 entries that will run on my machine with what I have.

People should try and include all DLLs required for their game in the entry. A number of games were missing allegro libraries and msvcp71.dll or msvcr71.dll. Thanks to other entries I found the msvc dlls.

I was impressed with the level of entries. I am sure last April when I last entered the level of completeness was lower. Well done everyone.

For those looking for my entry and not finding an EXE it is available from as my entry continually timed out when uploading. (Richard is aware of the problems I had).

Once again thanks to every one and especially Richard.