2005/04/19 06:31:47.720 GMT+1000

Anyone think that Othello doesn't fit the theme?

Here's my case.

The theme wording is open to interpretation right? So..
White is Light.
Black is Dark.
If you look at it this way, it's a battle/competition between 'Dark and Light'.

Any thoughts?

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Comment by Zaphos on 2005/04/19 07:46:28.135 GMT+1000

I think it definitely fits the theme! It is light versus dark, after all.

Comment by ciw42 on 2005/04/19 08:00:40.670 GMT+1000

Agreed. It's the theme in pretty much its purest form.

Comment by Whatadorkiam on 2005/04/19 22:26:37.134 GMT+1000

'Othello' fits the theme well. Maybe even better than some of the other entries. :)

Comment by Ferret on 2005/04/21 05:00:14.537 GMT+1000

Not exactly going to win any originality contests though.