2005/04/19 05:50:46.114 GMT+1000

1. I need to clear my weekend next competition so I can have enough time. :)

2. No new features in the last hour. I added game over and title screens at the last minute, but they didn't work in the executable form so I had to scrap the changes anyway.

3. I should spend more time making the game fun. I thought I had this figured out, but there were minimal gameplay elements here, and I should have concentrated on that rather than making sure the walls and floor looked decent.

Thanks for everybody's ratings, and much more importantly, COMMENTS! I listen to the praise and criticism equally and they're really helpful!

Can't wait for the next competition! It's really a rare opportunity to help collaborate on a project like this, and all the different entries were really interesting.

As for this project, I have a bunch of ideas about where to take it from here, because I HAVE to make it fun now that I've started it. :) I'll post an entry once I've got the new stuff incorporated.

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