2005/04/22 21:11:44.671 GMT+1000

Well I have finished judging the 36 entries that will run on my machine with what I have.

People should try and include all DLLs required for their game in the entry. A number of games were missing allegro libraries and msvcp71.dll or msvcr71.dll. Thanks to other entries I found the msvc dlls.

I was impressed with the level of entries. I am sure last April when I last entered the level of completeness was lower. Well done everyone.

For those looking for my entry and not finding an EXE it is available from http://www.cairnsgames.co.za/ld48/treasurehunter.zip as my entry continually timed out when uploading. (Richard is aware of the problems I had).

Once again thanks to every one and especially Richard. Add comment