2005/04/19 07:43:17.616 GMT+1000
Sorry I can't add my allegro .dll to the entry page (I didn't notice that I forgot it until too late!) Here's a link to it, though:
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Comment by prof.Moriarty on 2005/04/19 08:30:56.594 GMT+1000

Hey, I see the link for that dll is to Carnegie Mellon... are you a student there? I'm attending there next year, Computer Science major!

Comment by Zaphos on 2005/04/19 10:43:55.776 GMT+1000

Yep, I'm a CMU student :)

Comment by andii on 2005/04/19 19:43:29.800 GMT+1000

Hi, just tried Ninja Ant.

Got a failed to load font error box ):

I downloaded that dll...