2005/04/19 08:04:17.044 GMT+1000

People keep complaining about the missing DLLs. It's too late for me to re-upload with the DLLs, and I already edited my last post with links to the proper DLLs less than an hour after the compo ended. However, I'm still getting a lot of complaints that my (NyanNyanKoneko) entry Hero of Light VS. the Warriors of Darkness doesn't have the proper DLLs, and that I should tell people where to get them. So here they are again.

zlib1.dll: http://www.playingwithyarn.net/share/zlib1.dll

libpng13.dll: http://www.playingwithyarn.net/share/libpng13.dll

alleg41.dll: http://www.playingwithyarn.net/share/alleg41.dll

Also, here's a link to the windows 32 binary w/ the proper DLLs included:

Windows Binary With DLLs: http://www.playingwithyarn.net/data/hero-win32.zip

I know keeping track of all the games submitted is difficult, but if the game below looks unfamiliar, then you might need the new package or just the DLLs.

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