2005/04/23 09:45:44.592 GMT+1000

I've had a couple of comments about Uplighter running very slow, all from people with 3 ghz cpus. Which is weird since it runs smoothly on my computer with 1.8 ghz. I'm pondering whether I've screwed up any of the timing code, but I don't know yet, and thus I have no recommended fix yet either. Update: Codexus has gotten it to work by simply compiling it in MSVC. Here's a link. Thanks Codexus!

Also, Uplighter will, per default, use as much cpu time as it can. Some people do not seem to like this, but it should be easy to fix: Either enable vsync for OpenGL, or try running Uplighter with the -cpufriendly switch.

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Comment by dbickett on 2005/04/23 13:51:42.795 GMT+1000

I run it with 1.8 GHz and it is exceptionally smooth, as well as fun ;) Though, level ten is very difficult! I'm interested to learn how to beat it...

Comment by Codexus on 2005/04/23 21:00:07.389 GMT+1000

I recompiled the whole thing in VisualC++ and now it's perfectly smooth. With your permission, I could make that version available so that other people with that problem can play your game.

Comment by Jolle on 2005/04/23 21:22:31.359 GMT+1000

Codexus: That would be very kind of you! If you post a link here, I can update the entry with the link.

dbickett: I don't want to post a spoiler online, but I could mail you the solution if you want.

Comment by Codexus on 2005/04/23 22:08:46.706 GMT+1000

Here it is!

Comment by Franck on 2005/04/23 23:37:46.418 GMT+1000

Hi Jolle,

I'm still waiting for your answer to my latest e-mail, something like 3 days ago.