2005/04/21 13:31:05.461 GMT+1000

So, since I missed the cut off to upload by 10 minutes y'all are getting my early release, which really isn't that much different than my later release. Ah well.

One issue that has been pointed out to me is that the cursor is inverted along the vertical axis. I've no clue why this is. Works fine on my iBook, but is inverted on a friends iMac. No clue.

And to respond to some of the comments, yes, I'm sorry, my entry is Mac only. And it requires the SDL runtime libs. But most sadly, it won't run on windows. If anybody feels really ambitious and wants to try it on windows I'll send you the source. It's just OpenGL and SDL written in straight C using Apples dev tools. The binding to things are a bit wonky, but that's all done by the linker.

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