2005/04/20 07:24:58.390 GMT+1000

Sorry about doing an EXE installer... I too like all entries to just be zips. The reason I did an installer was because I had tons of time left (this one was so easy for some reason!), and I was trying to polish it in every way I could, including that. I also am aiming at my website audience as well, where the installer is needed. I should've put up a zip one too, though, because even I would've preferred it.

Also, nobody's mentioned this, but it's something that I fear: I hope you realize when playing my game that's not a strict, simple, puzzle. The first few levels can be "solved" in a simple way, but once you get into it, you see that it's actually a hybrid of puzzle and arcade, and there aren't fixed solutions that can be reached, you just have to battle the CHUDs effectively until the sun comes up! There are some later levels that can be solved, but it involves clever manipulation of your peopleses, not just clicking on the right fuses, so I'm pretty proud of that! I felt good when I discovered a solution to Double Trouble, myself.

Oh, and anybody having trouble figuring out the win conditions for a level, it's at the bottom of the screen - it either says to keep X people alive, or torch X CHUDs. It's always down there, so just have a look!

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