2005/04/20 11:06:37.320 GMT+1000

I'm totally confused here :/ I already have three comments saying my entry doesn't follow the theme. The red team is fighting to turn on the lights and the blue team is fighting to turn them off. Red is healed by the light and blue is hurt by the light. What is so difficult to unsderstand about that?

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Comment by NNK on 2005/04/20 11:25:37.072 GMT+1000

That doesn't sound at all like the theme of light and darkness...

Comment by NNK on 2005/04/20 11:28:19.537 GMT+1000

PS: I tease. =)

Comment by dbickett on 2005/04/20 13:49:38.867 GMT+1000

*Just finished beating the computer again* I have no complaints. I love this game so much :D

Comment by Richard on 2005/04/20 16:44:49.429 GMT+1000

To be honest, I didn't notice that aspect of the game when I was playing it. Now that you've mentioned it, I can see it in action :)

Comment by korg on 2005/04/21 01:25:02.702 GMT+1000

Im so totally addicted to your game!! :)

Comment by cairnswm on 2005/04/23 00:23:48.011 GMT+1000

This is the only game that I will play agin. I enjoyed it a lot and want to rewite it so that I can add maps etc and a way to create new AI players. :)