2005/04/23 16:11:59.663 GMT+1000

I've noticed I have a lot of comments saying that there is no AI. If this is the case then I have a rather large bug to fix before I continue programming this game. Is everybody sure they have PixelsFinal.zip and not one of the test versions? Note to Cairnswm: If you feel like finishing Piksels then make sure I get a copy. :)

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Comment by Codexus on 2005/04/24 00:02:11.225 GMT+1000

I'm sorry but I have the final version, I played a few "vs. computer" games and the AI never did anything. :/

Comment by dbickett on 2005/04/24 00:57:05.643 GMT+1000

I have the final version. I've played the computer like three times for an hour or so, and beat them each time, but they most certainly did something ;) Nope, no problems here.

Comment by Hamumu on 2005/04/24 01:22:15.655 GMT+1000

I downloaded the PikzelsFinal.zip that was in your section on this page, and yes, the enemy never built anything or did anything. The ants for both teams moved around happily though. I even played twice!

Comment by hitman200ca on 2005/04/24 07:49:20.083 GMT+1000

Just sat on their 9 squares for me too.

Comment by Jolle on 2005/04/24 08:42:45.152 GMT+1000

The AI worked fine for me. Really great game this :)

Comment by urth on 2005/04/24 18:37:24.779 GMT+1000

The AI worked for me too. It expands at first and when it is attacked it is quite defensive.

Comment by cairnswm on 2005/04/25 16:50:43.411 GMT+1000

I never had a problem with the AI. I found it recovers very well and if you overextend it hits back hard.

The game is completely a game of little by little - any large attack will be defeated.

Comment by korg on 2005/04/28 13:48:46.870 GMT+1000

I think the thing to do is build defencivly yourself for a bit. Dont mongolian horde the computer at the start. The its a challange.