2005/04/20 07:54:36.771 GMT+1000

Well, all things considered, I don't think I did a bad job, especially since I started 12 hours late and slept through another 12! :) I'm quite happy with how I actually got mouse gestures to work too.

It's just a crying shame that the rest of the game is bad. ;)

I didn't have the time to make it what I wanted it to be, though I probably had my vision set just a little beyond the horizon, if you get my drift. The mouse gestures are apparently too hard to do, I knew how to draw them so I didn't have much trouble with them, but I forgot I wasn't the only one who was going to play it. I probably should have worked more on the pattern recognition code..

The ghost barrage is also a bit of a mis-implementation. I wanted them to come the further you got into the game, but again due to lack of time, I was unable to implement a proper spawning code. Maybe I should have left out the defenders, and instead spend more time write good Raider code..

Regardless, I had a lot of fun again this LD48, and I'm pretty impressed with some of the games. I'm probably going to enter again next LD48, and again, try to make a FUN game instead of a hard, impossible to control game with some innovative features. :)

See you in 6 months!

- Deepflame

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Comment by hitman200ca on 2005/04/20 09:29:41.432 GMT+1000

As to the gestures, they are very cool but roundness or fexiblity is very important. It is very difficult to draw a square with a mouse with any degree of speed. Especially for the unpracticed hand.


Comment by korg on 2005/04/21 11:15:50.404 GMT+1000

The gameplay sounded fascinating! But I just couldnt get anything to work :-(.

Maybe next time offer gestures _and_ key shortcuts for those of us who cant even draw triangles :).