2005/04/27 17:44:14.998 GMT+1000

Am I really allowed to post news about bugfixes and improvements I've made to my entry? It sort of defeats the purpose of a 48 hour contest if people keep adding things after the deadline.

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Comment by andii on 2005/04/27 18:03:38.471 GMT+1000

That is what I thought about the exe for my game. But people just kept asking for one. I could not help but fix a minor bug with it to. Seems like a bit of a gray aera.

Comment by Factory on 2005/04/27 20:11:22.778 GMT+1000

Hmm it's pretty much up to the judges (ie. the entrants) to decide which version to judge on. I personally, are only judging on minor bugfix builds, adding features after the contest is over is IMHO not something one should get credit for.

Comment by Phil Hassey on 2005/04/28 00:46:19.768 GMT+1000

I've released two updates (the first including a few minor bug fixes and several new features) the second just a feature change. However, for fairness of the contest, ratings should be based on my original version of Anathema.

The original version is available for download on my contest page.

Comment by Hamumu on 2005/04/28 02:10:13.208 GMT+1000

In the past, haven't checked this time, the rules explicitly stated that you can do what you want after the 48 hours, but you will be judged on what you turned in during the 48 hours. So that's what people need to be judging. I would say the only exception is for example if you port the game unchanged to a new platform (or you py2exe a non-py2exe'd entry)... so it's exactly the same, it's just available to those who couldn't try it before. Definitely don't judge people on stuff they added after the contest!

Another thing people have gotten away with is fundamental stuff, like if their game crashed after the first level and they fixed that, or if it turns out to run super fast on everyone else's computer and they fix it. That's not really legal I think, but it's a matter of being nice about it.

Comment by Richard on 2005/04/28 08:22:51.364 GMT+1000

Hammumu speaks the law :)

I actually don't believe people should be able to submit any files beyond their final submission (which is turned in *before* the 48 hours are up) which might be used for judging.

If their final submission doesn't work at all, then that's just too bad, as far as I'm concerned.

Comment by Codexus on 2005/04/29 03:08:48.101 GMT+1000

I'll do my judging based on the official entries with one exception. If someone fixes a game that ran fine on his computer but didn't work on mine due to an unforseeable compatibility problem, I may choose that version.
But I won't run versions with real bug fixes and certainly not ones with improvements until after I've judged the entry.

Comment by X-0ut on 2005/04/29 09:12:59.199 GMT+1000

I agree, the voting should be done on the entry that was submitted during the time frame. Its good to continue with a project after the time frame, but thats not part of the contest, and shouldnt reflect on the votes at all.