2005/04/22 07:25:12.451 GMT+1000

OS X version of my entry is here.

And again: If you reviewed my game and you don't think it fits the theme then please read my diary entry (or the readme.txt) about how it fits the theme. I don't want to be punished for being thinking too far outside the box.

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Comment by Codexus on 2005/04/22 11:44:14.295 GMT+1000

That's cool. I just bought a Mac mini today so that I can make my games available on OSX too. I had trouble compiling my entry (DevIL library binary for OSX seems really b0rked and recompiling those libraries was kind of a nightmare) but it's finally OK.

So I'm wondering how to make an exe that will work on macs that don't have the libraries already installed, on Windows you can simply put the dll in the folder but I don't think that's the solution here. (lol I'm such a MacOS X newbie :)

Comment by Sol_HSA on 2005/04/22 14:09:57.723 GMT+1000

I've written a tutorial-ish on wrapping up osx projects, at http://iki.fi/sol/gp/app01.html .. got a powerbook couple weeks ago, myself, and hit that "wrapping up" wall pretty badly.

Comment by Richard on 2005/04/22 15:15:04.261 GMT+1000

Use Python, Pygame and PyOpenGL and then use py2app on your game. No mess, no fuss :)

Comment by Codexus on 2005/04/22 20:41:40.827 GMT+1000

Thank you, guys! :)

Sol, this is exactly what I need! you rock!

Richard, in fact, I was also wondering if there was a Mac equivalent of py2exe, so you have answered another of my questions before I could even ask it!