2005/04/19 17:09:16.897 GMT+1000

There are some who would say I have not followed the theme very well. I would just like to say that I covered the theme by treating it as "negative space". The idea is that by covering every other theme it leaves a blank area where the theme should be - perfectly illustrated (in lights and darks!) by the image on the right.

I have found out which one of these two colors is the negative space. I have a miraculous proof which this margin is too small to contain.

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Comment by Zaphos on 2005/04/19 18:16:08.557 GMT+1000

To properly do a negative space theme, wouldn't you need to do all possible themes, not just #2 through #5? Now *that* would be impressive!

Comment by Aggrav8d on 2005/04/20 02:03:54.838 GMT+1000

mmmm..... ....no.