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First 2004-10-16.06:11Z 18 KB
screen2 now have basic verlet physics an my hero moving on the screen 2004-10-16.10:29Z 21 KB
screen3 added terrain 2004-10-16.12:00Z 19 KB
screen4.jpg collision and bullets working!!! 2004-10-16.12:55Z 22 KB
screen5.jpg walking in caves is possible and flamethrower 2004-10-16.14:15Z 33 KB
screen6.jpg keep adding stuff 2004-10-16.14:55Z 59 KB
screen7.png changed the flamethrower added scrolling 2004-10-16.16:15Z 45 KB
screen8.png frying some zombies 2004-10-16.19:11Z 39 KB
screen9.png hud added 2004-10-16.20:24Z 38 KB
screen10.png bloooooody 2004-10-16.21:37Z 39 KB
screen11.png rotating gun 2004-10-16.23:36Z 34 KB
screen12.png items 2004-10-17.08:22Z 58 KB
screen13.png bones added 2004-10-17.09:42Z 47 KB
screen14.png points and stages are in 2004-10-17.15:06Z 44 KB
ZombieSlaughter.zip Final!! 2004-10-17.22:43Z 1.49 MB
screen15.png final screen 2004-10-17.22:48Z 63 KB