This page is intended to capture ideas that try to improve some aspects of the challenge. If you can't edit this page, you need to log into the PyWeek site first.

File uploading

Allow submission of MD5 hash. Upload can happen any time within 24 hours of the challenge ending and the upload must match the MD5 hash.


There should be an explicit "it didn't work for me" option in ratings.

Entries list

A page that keeps track of everyone who entered, not just everyone who submitted an entry.


Pagination of front-page summary list.

Screenshot Thumbnails

Should take you to a page with the full image and a link to the entry.

Ratings listing

For the next PyWeek, how about adding a "ratings detail" link alongside each row of the ratings table?

Not only would this make it easier to get there without going through the entry's main page, which you've probably seen enough of already, but the visited/unvisited status of this link in one's browser would help keep track of which rating comments you've read which you haven't.

RSS feed for diary entries and comments

Theme selection

Discarded Ideas:

Use a combined theme instead of single theme... "Power and Equality" or "Life and Union" (thanks Arc for the idea)

There's two options Richard is thinking about:

  1. One round of voting would be enough. At the end of the pick-10 round, I take the top and bottom theme and combine them.
  2. It'd probably be better to just have a random selection at the start of the comp. No messy voting. Potentially less buy-in from the competitors though.

Perhaps a different approach to the theme would be better? The theme is nominally used to serve two purposes: to reduce cheating, and provide some inspiration. The theme set as it stands is good for the latter, but doesn't really do anything to help the former. Perhaps a separate "style" theme is needed which serves that purpose? So the theme would be "Equality and Zombies", "Power and Sheep" where the "style" theme must feature prominently in the resulting game.