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Please note that there are (slightly) updated versions available, including a Windows executable. See the diary entry below. :^)

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chicken chicken final.zip FINAL SUBMISSION A fun, simple two-player game with physics. 2005-09-03.16:53Z 184 KB



Chicken Chicken now has a proper little page on my site, and you can get the latest downloads and screenshots there. http://www.upperorbit.com/chicken/


It sounds like a few people have had trouble getting 'Chicken Chicken' to run. It'd really help me to improve the game if a few people could let me know (just add a comment to this diary entry):

  • Did 'Chicken Chicken' run on your computer?
  • What version of Python do you have installed?
  • What version of Soya?
  • Are you using Linux, Windows or Mac?
  • Did you run the source version, or the executable?
  • Is there anything else notable about your system (graphics card, CPU, RAM)?
Thanks, everyone. I'll appreciate your feedback.


Some users were having problems with the Soya window appearing off-screen, so I've made a version that starts in 800x600, which is probably a better size for most users anyway. It's also now got the proper GPL information included. Since I use Soya, I'm required to use that license, so please download this one from now on. (I haven't made any changes that would affect judging.):

And here's a Windows executable version, to make things easier:

Finally, here are a few screenshots. Enjoy!


Have a fun evening working on your projects, people on the other side of the world to New Zealand! As for me, I'll call it a day I think, and just be content with what I've done. I've got to go to work in the morning, after all.