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Action (b): Day 3
Action (b): Day 3


This is a team entry. The members are: soya, arc, d1223m, jellywerker, aetmos, tid-wave, jiba, beattraax and empeiros.

Soya is a team of eclectic, international programmers (mostly, but not exclusively vegetarian) and Python fans ranging from students just learning the language, to folks that write servers using Python. We aim to take over the gaming world. Is there anything else better in the universe?

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[12:04] Our music...

Just a quick note..

In order to hear the music in Overflow (our entry) you'll need either pyopenal or pysdl_mixer. We have two original tracks composed for the game, so it's worth installing. :-)


Our 3d models hit a snag on the final day, apparently the cal3d exporter from blender doesn't translate coordinates for transforms (like scale) correctly so our beautiful animations were shot. *sigh*

We also lack full network support. Has code to connect to a metaserver but that's as far as we got. Next release...

Lastly, and most important to note, the credits left out one of our music composers, Tom Gersic, who remixed our title/menu music from the original C64 game "Overload". Much appologies to him and the author of the "His Spirit" SID who were left out.


Overflow, the game made by #Soya team(5.5MB).
The README file from the archive contains information about Overflow that you may need.

[21:16] EXE's

Dont just release an .exe

Just releasing a windows binary completely ruins the point of this whole competition for me.

python is cross platform so your game should be too!

New kiosk screen layout (soon to have board preview in upper right), editor has more work put into it, and...
WOW! you can actually play it now! In the bottom right you can see blue has been knocked off the board.. kinda. We have an excellent 3d designer who designed our new models. Aren't they spiffy? They'll look better animated.

As before, these are all clickable for a larger version.

splash logo    splash logo

in game    editor

[18:31] Our models...

splash logo   splash logo

Hmm, any relation? :-)

Here's a closer view:
splash logo

We've got a new set of menus and widgets as well as working multi-player mode.. kinda. Tomarrow (Wednesday) we plan to have a fully playable game.

As before, these are all clickable for a larger version.

splash logo    splash logo

in game    editor

in game    editor

These are all clickable for a larger version.

splash logo    splash logo

in game    editor

in game    And a music track.


Especially for PyWeek, Soya 0.10.1 has been released today.

This release includes several bugfixes and the addition of SDL_Mixer support as an optional alternative to OpenAL. Both libraries use an identical API for 3d sound within Soya, so supporting both based on a player's configuration is easy.

The source and tutorials can be downloaded at:

Windows binaries can be downloaded at:

An experimental ebuild for Gentoo is also available at:

Packages for other systems should be available soon on the Soya homepage.

Again, if you need help learning or using Soya, connect to and join #Soya. You can also join our mailing list from the Soya homepage:


Jiba just returned from vacation and has a whole slew of bugfixes ready for the next release of Soya. Amoung the new features is SDL_mixer support, which should make Windows hackers a bit happier. More TBA when the release happens.

Realising how close we are to the beginning of the competition, we're pledging to provide top-priority assistance to any individual or team also using Soya to upgrade to the new version.

Our mailing list is "soya-user" hosted at, listed on the Soya project page, and we're (of course) lurking #Soya on

All in all, it's better to release the bugfixes now rather than have competitors struggle to work around known bugs only to release after the competition. We're trying to get this release out ASAP to give everyone a chance to look over the changes before the competition begins.


The rules are a bit unclear between "participants" and "entrants". Apparently, an "entrant" is an individual or team which is going to be submitting an entry. This is the list on the right for "entrants" right?

Now, do participants, being entrants and team members who aren't submitting individual entries, going to be doing the voting for theme and voting other submittions? Or is it "one entry, one vote" where the teams as wholes will be counted as single votes?




A few of us have created #python3d on the freenode network for all aspects of python 3d discussion.Please drop bye and say hello :)



> 2. Entries are to be written "from scratch"
> You are allowed to use existing libraries that 
> have been available for at least one month before 
> the challenge (and are well documented).

Does this mean the module version we use must be out 30 days before the competition begins, or that the module must be out but we should use the most recent version available when the contest begins?

This question is raised as dunk (d1223m) has been working for a long time on fixing some bugs and adding features to Soya on a branch that hasn't been incorporated into the main Soya and is ready to get them into a new Soya release, but would we be stuck working around bugs in Soya 0.10.0 anyway?

Note that Soya releases are fairly frequent (it's still v0.x) and we always release tutorials for new features so other teams can use these enhancements too.


This is Team #Soya's first entry to this year's contest. So far the team consists of three people, ranging from a complete Python novice to others with vast experience. We're looking for others of equal range. All are welcome as we seek to take over the world and win the competition!

Reach us on #soya.

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"I think so Brain, but what does a huge constricting snake have to do with odd milk products that work as games?"