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This is a team entry. The members are: simon, corazon and Don.

We are a small outfit from Perth, Australia who have never worked on a game before but are absolutely HUGE fans! A few of us actually work together professionally for an I.T firm so we have some experience working as a team. TeamXERIAN is Simon (Coding/Music/SoundFX), Corazon (Illustration/Interface/GameDesign/Writer), Don (Illustration/CharacterDesign), Trixsta (3D Modelling/Animation/Landscaping), Tom (Music/SoundFX)

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[16:06] A Better Quido

Hello Chaps.

If you are interested, I've built a more graphics card friendly version of Quido. Please give it a shot, if you've been unable to run Quido previously.


Windows Binary (17MB)
Source (Includes Media) (17MB)
Source (Excludes Media) (95K)


Hi Chaps, if you need assistance building Quido on a Linux box, I will be happy to help. Email me at, and I'll do my best to assist.

Also, you will need a fairly decent 3D card to run Quido. I've had reports of of the game barfing on some systems due to the large texture sizes we are using.

And finally, I should mention that all artwork, sprites, and music are 100% original works. (excluding the melody used in the intro track, its Beethoven, if you didnt guess :). Sounds effects were found using google (except for the squish sound, which is Trixta doing something gross with his mouth).


Haha! Well, it's 3:13AM (Aussie Time) and we're all absolutely hammered! We didnt make much progress at the start of the week but the last 3 days were very productive, even while doing the ol' 9 to 5'er.

This is the final working release for entry to Pyweek's 2005 Gaming Competition. While we are very happy with our work we wish we had more time to implement all the things we orginally wanted. Some of these include:

Online high scores (For ranking worldwide),
Real 3D terrain
Real 3D mobs
More character animation
Power combos
Rain Power (Works great with lightning strike)
Multiple Maps
Tutorial System
Humans on map to dodge

Apart from this we're happy with what was accomplished in only a week. Many thanks to all that helped, including all Pyweek hosts, entrants and general viewers. You've all made this a great competition to be in, what can I say? Can't wait till next year! ;)

Basically this is an action/strategy/arcade game. It's very easy to complete the goal, but the aim is to do it with as much efficiency as possible. There's many rules and tricks to find out along the way. Happy hunting! We are aware of a few small bugs with this release, unfortunately we ran out of time and we all believed they were only minimal. What matters is that its still functional and enjoyable to play! Enjoy splattering those Hellish minions!!

-All of TeamXERIAN

Download from the following site. 18Mb ZIP.
MD5: 533f59274c37c42700be37165019a8e9


Apologies for such an insane number of diary entries in the last few hours guys but we thought some of you guys might want to have a bit of a test drive of the game engine.

This release is ONLY a tech demonstration to show the map tracking and one of the effects of the 4 superpowers available (good ol' LIGHTNING! YEAH!).

Without any further mindless dribble, I give you TeamXERIAN's first tech sneak peak of "Quido van Killnhurtz' Failed Experiment".


Quido's Tech Sneak Peek (8.4mb ZIP Archive) Run 'main.exe' - Win32. Cheers!


This is a render of one of Quido's beasts. Just a concept animation, thought it might be worthy of a post - we're having a remarkably productive night tonight, even after working full time hours all week! The final ingame animation will be top down view, 2D rendered. Nice work Trix! Yo be one bad ass 3d mofo!

Mutated Beast Running Video! (2Mb)

Another video is more top down in the rough size it'll be on screen. Enjoy!
Mutated Beast Running Video Top Down! (70kb)
Hmm noticed a bit of jerkyness with the last small video in MediaPlayer9. Works fine in 10 and MPC. =)


Here's an ingame SS for Quido van Killnhurtz' Failed Experiment. Man that HUD took a while lol!

The intro text to give background to Quido and his story:

The Diary of Quido van Killnhurtz.

Dear diary,

It's been the darkest and coldest months of my life, trapped like a madman in my ageing weather-eaten fortress. My castle now merely serves me as my sanctuary, for I have seen the gates of hell and the wretched beasts that lurke within.

Once I had believed I was close to unlocking the secret of true immortality. As my experiments became ever more successfull there became no limit to my inhumanity. I see now I was merely intoxicated on my own drive to obtain a never-ending power, a power which no mortal should ever be burdened with.

In the end, the darkness consumed me. Through my failed experiment I had become the righteous mortal that created hell's own army. I had become the devil.

I fear hell's minions are now roaming our world, so much so that I have completed my final creation, it will be the last time I shall ever play the hand of God. At last, Xeria is born. Through focussing Earth's magnetic power I shall once again play the hand of God and control the seas, clouds and gravity to destroy the vast hoardes of my own abominations.

My time is almost over, perhaps what last shred of humanity I have will help those who cannot protect themselves..


Just positing a screen of our main menu for Quido van Killnhurtz' Failed Experiment. More soon!

[10:19] Music Done...
Its a take on the moonlight sonata... done in modplug. w00t! :)
[10:01] The Don is Back

Well, what can I say, the Don is back! TeamXerian has finalised concepts and pre-production schematics for "Quido van Killnhurtz' Failed Experiment". A tale of a mad-with-power scientist who must rid the world of his abomination's. Development of the terrain tracking and introduction story/boards has been completed.

Below is a current working concept for the intro/menu screen for our project scetched by The Don. Inking, colouring and animation implemented soon. Welcome to the world of Quido!



XML Timeline Movie Maker (TM) is done. Time for the terrain/scrollable map.

[03:52] First Test

I've completed XML scene loader. Now my designer teammates can get in on the coding action... The file has been uploaded if anyone wants to check it out...

[01:40] First steps:

  • Setup SVN project
  • Build XML scene description language and renderer (for our designers)
  • 2005/08/27

    Unfortunately 'The Don' has real world issues restricting him from doing any work for TeamXerian. Trixsta, brother of Corazon will be taking over his position to help with 3D modelling & animation. Best regards to 'The Don', from all of us at TeamXerian, we hope everything goes well for you and your family.



    Hello Chaps,
    Just a quick impromptu survey... who is planning to go 3D, and who is planning to go 2D?
    I'm planning a mix. 3D elements on a 2D plane (theme permitting).



  • Is there an API we can use to post diary entries? This would be cool for sending in a diary entry on a svn or cvs commit...
  • Is an RSS feed for the diary system possible?