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Power vs Responsibility

Posted on 2005/08/30 19:56

It took me most of Sunday to come up with an idea related even vaguely to Power. I had ideas for the other 4 themes.. Oh well.

Planning to do a game where you have absolute power over a population of people, and have to guide them to safety - but as bad things happen to them, they start to disobey you...

So far, this is fun. Good luck everyone!

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Comment by saluk on 2005-08-30 20:04

sounds like a great idea! I am a big fan of games with "2nd person" control styles, whatever that means. Haha, 3rd person is always confused with controlling a character you see, and 1st person is like a first person shooter, so I don't know what to call the 'view' where you have some influence on the characters but no direct control... 2nd person seems to fit.

Good luck!