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Screenshot with prettier graphics
Screenshot with prettier graphics


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shot_day5_0.png url When bad things happen to good people 2005-09-01.14:19Z 240 KB
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With the best will in the world, I don't think I can get the dependencies installed for all of the games in time to rate them all.

I don't want the games I am unable to rate to get a zero from me - some of them look really cool.

Is the overall rank of a game based on the average of the ratings it gets rather than the sum of them?


tdlib is just a package of python modules. Put the tdlib directory in one of the following places and it should work:

  • The site-packages directory of your Python install (Windows)
  • /usr/lib/python/site-packages
  • /usr/local/lib/pythonX.X/site-packages
  • Anywhere else on PYTHONPATH
  • Inside the Pawns directory itself, if you don't want to use tdlib for anything else (likely)

I'm burned out.. Although I think there's a lot of scope for better level design and I never got around to adding some of the terrain types and items I thought of, I think it's time to call it done.

So many of the other entries look brilliant. I look forward to the next stage, but first a beer and a good night's sleep.

[12:54] Nearly there...

Got a version uploaded that plays right through, with simple level selection page and background music. Now I just need to decide how to split my time between prettying up the graphics, adding sound effects or more music and designing interesting levels.


Got some help and advice on #pyweek, so now my graphics files may possibly load and work on big-endian machines (e.g. Macs). Thanks guys - I've forgotten your irc nicks, but you know who you are :-)


I think I need to do something about lighting. Oh, and draw the people. They may be happy, but they don't have display lists. Maybe that's why they're happy - nothing bad can happen to them. Yet... Mwahahahhaaaa!

Seriously, I need some sleep now :-)


It took me most of Sunday to come up with an idea related even vaguely to Power. I had ideas for the other 4 themes.. Oh well.

Planning to do a game where you have absolute power over a population of people, and have to guide them to safety - but as bad things happen to them, they start to disobey you...

So far, this is fun. Good luck everyone!

[19:58] Ganbarimasu!

Announcing my intention to have a go!

Will possibly be using my own library, as released on SF last month ( to shake out some of the bugs in it. This means my entry will most likely suffer from, er, "quality problems". ^_^