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serial.png url serial screenshot 2005-08-31.19:40Z 842 KB FINAL SUBMISSION Source only, please download full program from the link below 2005-09-05.04:10Z 33 KB


[13:39] Bugifx

There was a bug present: If a button was released too fast, the button_pressed time could result to be zero, which lead to a zero division error.

Thanks Volker Grabsch for noticing!

Updated and New checksum is:
MD5( ad7dbf2622bee4bac394637335bce2ae

[04:18] Serial Final

The final version of 'Serial', which is a game that tests your dexterity features:
- Single-player 5-stages practice mode
- Single player random mode (always new challenge)
- Two player versus mode (the fun part)

Enjoy, if you can! (Don't forget to read the README, it includes some guide on playing)
! Note on sound issues (I receive comments on this): running the game 'python s' disables all sounds, while 'python m' disables mp3 music. So you can play the game even without sound support. (~6Mb)
MD5( fcbc5b28a7facb3ca1fed86ca66280ff


Have you tried running: 'python s'

The 's' switch disables all sounds. 'm' disables only music. (Maybe you don't have sdl_mixer with mp3 support). See Readme file :d

Thanks for feedback. If still doesn't work, tell me plese.

(I tried to post this as an answer of a previous comment, but I couldn't.. my browser sucks.)

Well, finally finished.. The compiled size is 6Mb, took half an hour to upload with this modem I have here. But it seems that the session has timed out, or something :( The fun thing is, that I somehow expected that things would not go so smooth..

Ah, now I'm uploading it to a safe place, and will link it. I can't wait to get to the hostell next week, I miss speedy internet :D

It's done! Here's the link! Enjoy :) (6Mb)
MD5( fcbc5b28a7facb3ca1fed86ca66280ff

I think there's still plenty to work on the game, but given the time this is a reasonable advancement.
Also, seeing Your screenshots, I'm very eager to play the games you made!

[13:36] Half-baken
Well, progressing.. The game's essential part is ready. I still have to add some graphics, splash-screens, main menu, and there is no sound yet.

The final concept of the game in a nutshell: You have to drive an asynchronus serial line, using a single key to signal the bit-time keeping it pressed, and spelling the 8 bits according to the bps you achieved. You have tasks to send, with levels of increasing minimal send speed. Train your fingers! :D

Well, I'm quite clear now what kind of a game I would like to write. I choose the electricity side of Power, more on the concept later..

I hope I'll be able to finish. I made the preparations to begin programming: fixed the amplifier and tested the loudspeakers quite loud. The results are satisfying :)

Will (would like to) code the central part today..

All right, hello Everyone. I've got moderate programming experience, however not with python.. I just found this language and it looks cool, so I decided upon giving it a shot.

I hope I'll be able to finish something, since I'll be moving to the student hostel just while the competition will be held.