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a few additional comments about Dynamite

Posted on 2005/09/06 01:36

Someone was wondering about how this game fit the "power" theme -- it does, from the dictionary:

Power: 3. Strength or force exerted or capable of being exerted; might.
Dynamite: 1. Any of a class of powerful explosives...

So I'm pretty sure dynamite fits the theme.

Someone had some difficulty completing level 1 -- a hint for them: you can hide right next to the pilars, and if you don't move, the guards won't see you (kind of like a spy movie). They can see movement if it is very close at hand though, so don't move until they go by.

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Comment by Richard Jones on 2005-09-06 03:03

That's strange -- does this mean you're seeing the ratings and comments that other people are leaving? I think others are too... You're not supposed to (according to the code, but I was going to change that). I don't see the ratings or comments for my entry...

Comment by phil hassey on 2005-09-06 04:08

Richard, I can see the comments and my average score, but I can't see the individual scores, nor can I see who left the comments.

Comment by GizmoThunder on 2005-09-06 04:16

ya i can see the comments for my entry

Comment by shang on 2005-09-06 06:50

> I wonder if this just means no-one's rated my team's code.

I think there's still some strangeness in the code. Simon told me in IRC that he'd left a comment, but I don't see any comments either.

Comment by Joe Espindola on 2005-09-07 18:29

I liked this game a lot! I hope you will come up with more games like this!

Just wanted to congratulate you!

Joe, Brazil.