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Dynamite Screenshot
Dynamite Screenshot


This is a team entry. The members are: philhassey and TimInge.

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shot1.png url Sunday: shot in pgu level editor 2005-08-30.06:19Z 58 KB
shot2.png url Monday: basic isometric engine 2005-08-30.06:20Z 49 KB
shot3.png url Monday: isometric engine with sprites, mini map 2005-08-30.06:21Z 25 KB
shot4.png url Thursday: game playable, better graphics 2005-09-02.05:58Z 43 KB
shot5.png url Friday: graphics done, final touches left 2005-09-03.03:40Z 79 KB FINAL SUBMISSION Dynamite Windows EXE 2005-09-03.23:34Z 5.75 MB
dynamite.tgz FINAL SUBMISSION Dynamite Source & Data 2005-09-03.23:36Z 3.65 MB
shot-final.png url FINAL SUBMISSION Dynamite Screenshot 2005-09-03.23:37Z 91 KB



Thanks to everyone who played my game and made comments! I really enjoyed this contest. I like to polish my games up after these contests, so here's my "if only I had longer" deluxe edition of Dynamite. Some of the changes are from the comments I received.

Website | Source | Windows

The Deluxe Edition includes the following improvements:

  • improved graphics and engine
  • 2 new gigantic levels
  • per-level high scores
  • numerous interface improvements
  • minor bug fixes
  • see CHANGES.txt for full details

I hope you enjoy it! I've really enjoyed getting to play everyone's games!

p.s. if your game is pygame based, please add it to!!


Someone was wondering about how this game fit the "power" theme -- it does, from the dictionary:

Power: 3. Strength or force exerted or capable of being exerted; might.
Dynamite: 1. Any of a class of powerful explosives...

So I'm pretty sure dynamite fits the theme.

Someone had some difficulty completing level 1 -- a hint for them: you can hide right next to the pilars, and if you don't move, the guards won't see you (kind of like a spy movie). They can see movement if it is very close at hand though, so don't move until they go by.


Story: The evil potentate is ruining everyone's lives! Use the power of dynamite to destroy his strongholds.

Instructions: Detonate dynamite by the blue load bearing pilars to bring down the castles. Watch out for the guards. Hide next to walls, but not too close to guards. Escape via windows.

action packed features:

  • 2 free fonts
  • 3 musical masterpieces
  • 3 training levels
  • 7 sound effects
  • 8 mega-levels
  • 27 psychotic soldiers
  • 32 oldskool isometric tiles
  • 37 sticks of dynamite
  • 243 load bearing pilars
  • 400 free sprites
  • 1862 lines of code
  • 1 big explosion

Downloads: Windows | Source


  • explosion added
  • fancy explosion holes added
  • building falling apart animation added
  • most sound effects added
  • several levels added
  • more animations added
  • basic menus added

  • game logic working nicely
  • tile set looking okay
  • added some decor
  • built some levels
  • have one music track
much remains to do...

All in all, I've been very impressed with the shots that I've seen of over games. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to try out all these games!

[05:37] coming together

the game is starting to come together now... no screenshot for tonight, (it would look about the same as last nights), but i added a lot of logic

  • animated guards, player
  • use mind control to control guards / player and tell them where to go via mouse clicks on isometric board
  • pre-set guard marching paths
tomorrow should see a working game and a few basic levels.
thurs -- more levels, play testing, fancier graphics, title, help, etc
fri -- more levels, more play testing, frills
sat -- final wrap up and packaging
[06:23] good night

time for bed for me. got a few more things done
  • added sprites to isometric engine
  • added minimap display of level
  • basic player movement
  • prettier tiles

it isn't pretty yet, but it's a start.

the game is going to a mind control / castle / bombs / guards kind of game... whatever that means.
[05:45] pgu-0.4

my apologies, the leveleditor didn't work quite right in 0.3 (the background grid was not being displayed.) this has been fixed. check it out at

[21:30] team photo
be intimidated...

this is TimInge and I. To entertain yourself during the contest, you can download the mp3s of our recent celtic fiddle & banjo album from The Olde Battleaxe website.

Another pgu release. This one updates the gui system to be easier and more flexible. I decided to do this late release as it won't give me any special advantage for games (the game related modules have not been updated.)

It may be useful to some of you if you want to display some HTML in your games. The HTML module is very easy to use (one line to render HTML to a pygame surface.)


  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Some gui API changes
  • Much improved Table and HTML support with CSS2 style borders, padding, and margins

pgu's game modules (tilevid, timer, engine) are particularily good for 2D sprite/tile games. It includes a tile/sprite editor and a level editor. If anyone wants help with pgu, I will be available on #pyweek all week.

[17:10] pgu-1.0 release

With the help of Richard, I've released a repackaged version of my pgu, pgl, and kjv projects. Phil's pyGame Utilities includes a tile and level editor, a full featured gui, and a tile/sprite engine. You can get it at