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Jumping on the comment response bandwagon...

Posted on 2005/09/15 23:16

So... the future. I want to do a lot of things here. First off, add sound support, and some sort of fading/transitioning when you start the game or lose a life. Also some sort of lighting manager would be nice, allowing for dynamic lighting from bullets and explosions, but to be honest I don't have any experience with lights in OpenGL beyond enabling ambience, and maybe one or two static, unidirectional lights. I don't yet know how to cope gracefully with the fact that the number of lights you can have at once is limited to something ridiculously low like 7 (AFAIK - PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!).

Support for different resolutions exists, and adding fullscreen support is trivial, but I didn't have time to integrate either with the menu system. Ideally, I want a system capable of querying available resolution/colour depth combinations, and allowing you to alter the two seperately without letting you choose invalid modes. For now, if you want a larger window, open up the game in a text editor and play with the dxres and dyres (NOT ixres and iyres) constants.

I also want to either make the tunnel much larger, or remove it completely in favour of a StarFox-style scrolling landscape. The controls need some work too - either just better balancing of the current system, or perhaps have the mouse influence turn rate instead of directly influencing direction, a la BZFlag.

Bullets need fixing; the particles need a bit more graphical polish; a third-person camera would be nice (although again, it's something I don't quite know how I'd go about implementing). If I go down the route of turning it into a more conventional shooter (I've always wanted a StarFox style game for the PC), then speed control will have to be brought in instead of uncontrollable acceleration - this depends: do people like the manic-uncontrollable-descent feel, or is it just too wild to give the game lasting appeal?

Also note that NONE of the above will happen for quite some time. I'm still settling into my new job, and only have weekends available as free time - during which I usually have other priorities.

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Comment by Richard Jones on 2005-09-16 00:02

Yes, OpenGL is limited to 8 lights. As far as I know, any more complex lighting may be achieved using either funky lighting changes during scene rendering (lights only cast so far) or by coding up your own lighting in a pixel shader.

Comment by Toby on 2005-09-16 07:41

I assume you're really only interested in objects lighting the tunnel walls. You could quite easily bake lighting like that into per-vertex colours, or into a separate lightmap texture. If you use a lightmap texture, you can add lights one at a time in one or more separate rendering passes, too.

See here, for example.

Comment by alexkidd on 2005-09-16 13:53

No need for a pixel shader to do lighting; you can do the same sort of per-vertex lighting that OpenGL gives you for 8 lights by setting the vertex colours to include local light influence yourself, and disabling GL_LIGHTING.