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In-game screen.
In-game screen.


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Most of the comments say "too hard"... Well, duh, indeed. After I came back from my holidays I wasn't able to play my own game anymore! Too friggin' hard, indeed, probably too many things to control at the same time (the grabber, the rotation/control, speed)... Here's a list of what players offered me to add to make it a bit easier:

  • Levels of difficulty. Say in "Easy" you just grab the boxes by passing over them, this removes a fair deal of complication. In "Normal" you use the grabber.
  • Rotation speed limit -- other system for rotation. The main problem with the UFO is that it can rotate too fast, there is a need for an upper limit. Alternatively the rotation could be made non-perpetual, ie the ship would go back to a rotational stop after the thruster is turned off.
  • Launch the ship in the arena directly in orbit, instead of a fixed position. I think this is good advice.
  • Oh yeah, and removing the "power bar" of the cannon and having it fire at maximal power all the time.

I also remarked a few problems with the "multistar" mode, that have to be worked out somehow (the ship isn't powerful enough to perform when several stars are present on the screen).

Well, I guess it's far from finished yet... Thanks all for trying this out :).


Hi again... I have two archives for my final submission, one for Windows and one with the source (for Linux). Can I do two "final submissions", or as the rules say does only the last one count as "final"?


Awwww... i went to the airport yesterday to get my sister and her bf, today they're in town and tomorrow we're leaving for southern Ireland... So no more time programming for me! Duh.

My game, "Space Parcels", is still pretty crude (see screenshots below) but it can be worth a try... If I can figure out a way to upload it here without getting the "over quota" message (any maximal size to the uploads?).

Title screen. In-game screen.
[16:34] Waiting for EOD

Waiting for EOD (End Of Day) to shut down the computer, leave work and go home, light on another computer, and continue coding da game!!! I played around with physics yesterday (power... Force... well, heh), now I'll add some interactions.

Right now I'm thinking about pirates. Should I add pirates in me game? If yes, should they yell "Yarr" at regular intervals while joyously sailing on the screen? Will those pirates help reducing global warming? So many questions...


Well I'm "Zig" (real name Mathieu), the hundredth entrant, and I use python mostly at work... So that one-week compo will be a "one week coding all the night and not during the day because the boss is gonna get mad" sort of week for me!

Before wandering into the realm of Python, I programmed a few things for the Game Boy Advance, among them a card game and a sound library. Low-level C code, *yuk*... Python is so much less of a hassle :-).

I don't have a single idea of what kind of game I will make this time, I just prefer to wait for the theme to be chosen before brainstorming...

I'm looking forward to playing the hundred games that will come out of this event!