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Posted on 2005/09/03 03:05


Entry uploading is done in your entry's page. You need to log in.

Hit the "Add File (screenshot or submission)" link under the green bar and fill out the form.

You must upload your game's source and all data files. You have a 10MB total limit on file uploads. If you need more space, just ask me before the end of the challenge.

If you have a big game, then you may host it elsewhere. All you need to do in this case is upload the code of the game, and add a Diary entry with a link to the full download, and an MD5 hash (using md5sum or python's md5 module) so people can verify the download. You must upload at least the source of your game as a FINAL submission, or you won't be included in judging!

Uploading an "executable" game file is optional since we all have Python installed. If your game has special requirements, must mention them in a README with the source, and you should consider making an executable to make judges' lives easier.

Make sure you mark your final submission as such. You may upload any number of final submissions. You may delete "final submission" uploads that you no longer want.


In about 20 hours, file uploads will be turned off, and the judging system will turn on. Judging will run for two weeks, though this duration may be extended depending on the number of final submissions.

Judging is done by visiting the Entrants page, which will be filtered to show just those entrants who have put in a final submission. There will be links next to the entrants names (and in their home page) for judging.

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Comment by Grover on 2005-09-03 09:12

I sent an email asking for more space? No response as yet. How are we supposed to ask for more space?

Comment by Richard on 2005-09-03 10:48

Gimme a chance :)