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Some notes about our entry

Posted on 2005/09/07 03:47

Our entry does have a music track - it's just not played on some systems because SDL_mixer on those systems doesn't have mp3 support. We auto-detect this and avoid playing music.

Also, I stuffed up the power level of the beam weapons somehow between the 3rd and 6th release. In the current release, they're about 1/4 as powerful as they were intended to be. They're still kinda fun, but ultimately more trouble than they're worth. You can usually just "get rid" of them by forcefully lowering your ship's power (either by BOOSTing or using the shields to absorb some UFO bullets). The railgun, on the other hand, is as deadly as it was intended to be.

p.s. if you want to try various weapons out, you can put the game into "dev" mode... see the README :)

-- Richard

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