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Planning all finished bar the shouting

Posted on 2005/08/28 07:34

Our team got together today after I hit the "go" button on the challenge at 10am local time. We spent about 5 hours talking about the theme, our ideas around it and planning how we were going to work. At least the first 2 hours were spent tossing around a number of ideas which included "Protect the coal caravan from the greenies". Some were less serious than that :)

Anyway, we finally settled on an arcade-style game based around protecting power resources from baddies. We're going to introduce a bit of a twist: positive feedback. I felt that most games suffered a bit from negative feedback in that once things started going downhill, the game's difficulty got harder. I wanted to make it so that the player got more powerful as things started getting worse. The power from bases destroyed by the baddies transfers to your ship, and you get bigger weapons and other enhancements.

We spent about an hour nutting out how this would actually work -- so that the player didn't intentionally let things get bad just to power up. Not an easy job.

We've ended up with a few interesting ideas, and it'll be interesting to see how they turn out. We've got several pages of scribbled notes, the beginnings of a code structure, some initial models and landscapes. It's all looking quite positive.

On a personal note, the stress of recent weeks at work and the setting up the challenge has taken its toll and I've come down with some sort of generic cold/flu/illness. Hopefully I'll still be productive.

-- Richard

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