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OpenGL capabilities of entrants

Posted on 2005/08/25 07:07

In order to make sure that everyone can be sure what capabilities the people judging their entries have, I've knocked together a modification of the pyopengl info.py script which will produce a more parseable result. If you want to take part, please download info.py, run it, and mail the output to pyweek1@mechanicalcat.net with the subect "GL caps".

I'll summarise the results and post them before the start of the competition. This should give everyone a much better idea of what OpenGL capabilitites are available [hint: I think vertex and pixel shaders are probably right out - it apppears that only CVS pyopengl has support for GLSL] Add comment

Comment by Codexus on 2005-08-28 06:43

So when do we get the results?