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Final screen shot
Final screen shot


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[22:52] I'm done!

Well, I have a game, it runs, it plays and it doesn't look completely like crap. It could be better but not in 5 minutes. Go, download it and tell me how bad it is 'PIG Pilot'. Night.


Well, after 2 days of work (and time will be limited until next Saturday) I have everything except the game. I do have :

  • An animated menu
  • Text drawing
  • An introduction (aka 5 pages of explaination as to why the game fits the theme)
  • A high score table that works (and you can edit the names)
  • A credits page.
  • A texure manager
  • A sound manager
  • A main loop that really works
  • A headache
The only thing that I need now is the actual game code. It sholdn't be that difficult as I'm recycling an idea (and doing it a hell of a lot better) so I know the catches. Here's some gratatious screen shots (click to enlarge):

Yes, it's called PIG Pilot. That is of course in reference to the 'Pipeline Inspection Gauge' which is used to clear out pipes, not pork.

[19:24] Hi there

Well, I've just signed up on the basis I'd give it a go just like I gave the Ludum Dare 48 hour competitions a go. With any luck I might actually get something that I'm half way happy with given 7 days (well 3 days and 4 evenings, bless the August Bank Holiday). I did actually manage something good on the last Ludum Dare competition but was stymed at the last moment by a strange bug that stopping it running under Windows (I work under Linux).

A small question. Unlike Ludum Dare this competition allows existing artwork, music and SFX, I know that I can use free stuff I've downloaded off the net but can I use the contents of the SFX / Loops / Clipart CDs I have as long as I can redistribute the data with the game ? The CDs were bought and the rule isn't very clear. In the interests of fair play is it enough that everybody could have access to the same assets ?