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Final Hope v0.8  "More Power!"
Final Hope v0.8 "More Power!"


One lonely coder in Austin, TX. who doesn't expect to produce much.

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FinalHope-v0.6.png url Final Hope v0.6 "Particles!" 2005-09-01.05:22Z 191 KB
FinalHope-v0.7.png url Final Hope v0.7 "Run, Forest, Run!" 2005-09-02.03:32Z 54 KB
Spec.txt Final Hope Specification 2005-09-02.03:39Z 4 KB
FH-Game-0.37.png FH-Game-0.37.png 2005-09-02.03:42Z 191 KB
FH-MainMenu.png FH-MainMenu.png 2005-09-02.03:43Z 54 KB
FH-HighScores.png FH-HighScores.png 2005-09-02.03:43Z 68 KB
FinalHope-v.01.png FinalHope-v.01.png 2005-09-02.03:43Z 179 KB
FinalHope-v.02.png FinalHope-v.02.png 2005-09-02.03:43Z 179 KB
FinalHope-v0.1.png FinalHope-v0.1.png 2005-09-02.03:43Z 187 KB
FinalHope-v0.2.png FinalHope-v0.2.png 2005-09-02.03:44Z 189 KB
FinalHope-v0.3.png FinalHope-v0.3.png 2005-09-02.03:44Z 189 KB
FinalHope-v0.8.png url Final Hope v0.8 "More Power!" 2005-09-02.04:34Z 193 KB FINAL SUBMISSION Final Hope v1.0 2005-09-03.22:05Z 1.43 MB


[01:49] Unable to play?

My question is what do we do if we're unable to play a game? I can not get certain modules (like pySonic) to build on my Mac, rendering me unable to play certain games. Thoughts?

[22:08] Final Hope v1.0

It's done and submitted. Final version comes in at 1.43 Mb.

It has everything I wanted and it looks very much like I had envisioned it to. I hope the gamplay is alright as I didn't spend a lot of time testing how much fun it was. The other submissions looks fantastic and I had a ton of fun. Good luck in the last hour everyone!


In what is possibly the shortest time between releases yet, I present Final Hope v0.8 ("More Power!"). New to this version is the Power Pack, which add an additional 50% capacity to your existing pack.

I have one release scheduled for tomorrow and one release for Saturday. Big bits are adding a story screen, a tutorial and a couple other small refinements. Finally, one early bedtime this week. =D



This version sports an updated look. Added a new font for menu rendering, cleaned up and augmented a sprite and added a new feature: Run mode. Hold the space bar while moving and you go twice as fast, with a little particle trail left behind you. Bad side is that it drains the power you've stored up.

Hopefully, this and the last addition I am planning tonight will make the gameplay a little more interesting.

The new menu look:


I am super excited right now. I went from never having ever even seen particle code before to writing a completely functional particle engine WITHOUT using any other code as a reference. Pure Python and it looks pretty good in game! Sadly, the screenshot doesn't quite do it justice. And I'm up to current on my spec. Just a few more additions.

Final Hope v0.6



Skipped version 0.4 altogether because there's a lot of new stuff and quite a bit more polish to this release. It also encorporates all the features from both releases as I worked on them simultaneously. I'm happy so far and this means I'm almost caught up with my spec. If I can crank out the particle engine tonight in the next four hours, I'll be all caught up and very pleased.

New spec and new zip file but no new screenshots of lovin'.


Tonight was less spectacular for me that previous nights, though I did score a major victory by finally figuring out a good way to do high scores. The "real world" got in the way a little too much tonight. Partially ignoring my spec, I started on the menus and am almost done with them. After I finish those tomorrow, it'll be on to the particle engine which I hope I can start and finish tomorrow night. If I can manage that, I'll be caught up and on track.

Here are some screenshots for other's edification...
FH Main Menu
FH Main Menu
FH Main Menu


[05:08] Packaging?

I'm going to show my inexperience here, but I think it's a question a lot of people will have when it comes down to time to submit. How does one package up a game, outside of a tarball/zip?

I understand that freeze, py2exe and py2app exist but the documentation is pretty sparse and limited to very simple examples. Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. I'll even RTFM if the FM is a little more verbose that the terse examples on the Starship Python site.


After a long day of anxiously awaiting getting home to work on PyWeek and several hours, I have another release prepared. This is FULLY PLAYABLE material. As usual, a new screenshot is up and waiting.

    Stuff that's done...
  • Basic Drawing
  • Player Controls
  • Collision Detection
  • Power Meter
  • Timer
    Stuff left to go...
  • Scoring system
  • High Score list
  • Menus
  • Particle Engine
  • Powerups

So I'm roughly half done. It's nice to be able to actually play the game though.


As I had hoped, I finished at least one more version tonight/this morning. Given that it's 2:33am here and I have to get up at 7:45am, I probably ought to go to bed soon. But my collision detection code is done and awesome! I don't like pimping me but I managed to implement a system that allows NON-box collisions. It uses "mask" of the image (my landscape in this case) and checks just the sprite's rect and a little outside. It works phenominally and my framerates are still good. So I'm excited but tired.

New screenshot is up and another version uploaded.


Things are coming along well. Most of the art is done, just a couple things left on to do there. The code is coming along less well but now that I have a plan, I should be in better shape. For posterity, I am uploading the version 0.1 zip file.

I doubt I'll get two more releases out in the next 2 hours but I'm going to try for one for sure. Hopefully, I will finish v0.2 before the night is out.

A current screenshot is also available.

[00:39] Spec Complete.

I finished my specification. I need this or I know I will get hung up on one thing or another and not finish the way I want to. It's a pretty ambitious spec, especially considering that I'm be working full-time for most of the rest of the competition. My goal is three more releases TONIGHT (currently 7:38pm here) though the next release is almost done. I anticipate just shy of two hours for this release. We'll see if I actually hit it or not.

[20:09] Astronaut!

All right, so after getting up late this morning and a little frustration with sprites, my astronaut is in and moving around. A new happy fun screenshot is up and waiting.

Now that I have the very basics in, the time for further planning has come and I need to flesh out the details. Immediately.


Final Hope is the name of my project. I have the very bare minimum drawing routines up and spent most of the evening on my idea and the artwork. My first screenshot is up under my profile. But all it does is draw 4 Surfaces so I'm really not that far along.

Location: Mars
Year: 2361

You've been living on Mars in a space colony for years now. As the most accomplished astronaut within the biosphere, your job is to perform routine walks on the surface to handle maintenance of the biosphere. But today is not routine.

A meteor shower has hit the surface of Mars. First inspection reveals that the biosphere's super-structure is intact. But the power systems are begining to fail. All emergency power has been rerouted to life support but it won't last long. When you step out of the biosphere's airlock, it's clear what the problem is.

The conduit leading from the power generators has been destroyed by a meteor. If some power is not brought back to the biosphere soon, everyone will die. You know what you must do and set out across the Martian surface...

I hope it turns out. I'm just trying to have a little fun here. Hopefully, the visual style is semi-appealing and the gameplay will turn out. We'll see soon enough.

[03:33] Holy crap.

Trailblazer is frickin' together. Do you guys/gals have prior experience or what? Damn...

[03:31] Announce game?

What I am wondering is if we should announce our intentions or should we developing in a super secret manner? I don't really care personally either way because I'd be fine with both. I've just never done this sort of thing before and am not sure what the standard procedure is.