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Tue, 27 Mar 2007
I like science fiction.

More than the usual number of characters called Rachel is reason enough to read the latest issue of Ticonderoga Online.

Three solid SF stories, a sample story from Troy and interviews with Alisa Krasnostein and Angela Challis.

Although I have to add my voice to those wondering why Doctorow's column has been included, right on the heels of it being available at Locus Online and linked there through Boing Boing, guaranteeing that it has already reached its target audience.

Sun, 25 Mar 2007
PyWeek Ohrwurm

For the last week I have been doing my best Veronica Mars sings karaoke interpretations every time Richard's back has been turned. Now, at last I can stop.

Themes have been announced for PyWeek 4. They are:

  • The only way is up
  • Underneath the radar
  • One way or another
  • Don't stop till you get enough
  • The final countdown

There's still a week to register and vote for the theme and program a game in the following week.

Don't you wish you could program in Python? I do. Maybe next week...*

* I'll getcha getcha getcha...

Sat, 24 Mar 2007
A magical land.

(As we stroll along a bush track)
Me: Where are we going?
Abbey: We are going to Norway.
Me: What's in Norway?
Abbey: There are toys and games and people playing and cats and little kittens. But it's a long walk.

Tue, 20 Mar 2007
AussieChix and the IT sexism debate

Sarah Stokely has an article in today's Age about the formation of the Australian chapter of Linuxchix (who have a very cool logo). Reference is made to the unfortunate "softporn incident" of last year's Open Source Developers' Conference, so, as chair, Richard is quoted. To get the context of the apparently nonsensical quote you'll have to go to the original source.

Sun, 11 Mar 2007
Dylan hears...

Everyone on the planet has been linking to this. Frankly, Bob Dylan turns my stomach and tribute artists more so, but I want you to try something different. Go to the site. Press pause. Put your headphones on and turn the volume up a tiny bit.

Woah. I've had this going in the background for half the evening. I think I'm going into a trance.

Tue, 06 Mar 2007
Australia: The New 51st State

John Pilger's article in New Stateman is slightly alarmist, but an excellent overview of Australia and John Howard's relationship with the U.S. He sets it into historical context, looking at the idea of the Commonwealth, Menzies' role in sending Australian troops to Vietnam and Murdoch's continuing skillz at stifling dissent.

(via FP)

Fri, 02 Mar 2007
Can't argue with that.

Me: Why are you out of bed? I told you you could get up when the big hand is pointing down.
Abbey (holding out clock): It is pointing down. I moved it.


Me: How can you be hungry after eating all that muffin?
Abbey: I'm empty now.
Me: Where'd it all go?
Abbey: Into my legs.


Me: There's vegemite on your dress.
Abbey: It makes it more colourful.

Steampunk Star Wars

I have nothing to add, just take a look.

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Thu, 01 Mar 2007
Barry Jones - excerpt from Manning Clark Lecture

It's not too late to save the political process.

What he said.

Isn't it funny/sad how rapidly the ideals of the "old normal", where decisions might have been based on evidence, analysis, reason and judgement, are becoming a romantic dream? The "new normal" depends on instant decisions based on "gut", "instinct" and "faith". Decisions that are reactions against perceived threats and inflated fear.