Rachel's Blog: Happy Birthday Lego!

Mon, 28 Jan 2008
Some of the Lego

50 today! Who doesn't love Lego? Not possible. I do believe I might turn this into a Lego appreciation blog for the rest of the week.

The photo here shows about 50% of the regular Lego in our family collection* spread out on the floor. I've been assembling all the models recently in kind of a nostalgic summer activity. Fortunately my brother very cleverly kept all the instructions in a display book. We have a whole bunch of Technic too, but that can wait a bit I think.

It's really hard to assemble models when all the pieces are mixed together, it's taking forever. That little house at the back is a freeform (duh), the plane has crash landed due to a lack of a windscreen and the bulldozer is bravely attempting to clean up.

Lego Tip of the Day - Dump your collection onto a sheet or play mat when you begin. Finding pieces becomes much easier and faster. To pack up, collect the corners of the sheet into a sack and tip the pieces back into the box in one smooth move. Easy peasy.

*You can't really own Lego - you share it. With me.