Rachel's Blog: Horror Day - Things to read and do.

Fri, 13 Oct 2006

Today has been declared Horror Day by, umm, some people (possibly zombies), and there are loads of things to read, events to go to, signings, prizes. It's all about the prizes today.

The fastest anthology in the West has been assembled over the last 36 hours or so by Martin Livings and is available online only for the next 24, so get in there and read some short Australian horror fiction.

The Ticonderoga/ASiF Donation Drive is ending on 15 October, so if you want to support more reading, writing and discussion of Australian genre fiction please donate. You'll get a free ebook if you do and go into the draw for some dead tree books as well.

While you're there, Ticonderoga is hosting the first Australian survey of genre reading habits, so now that you've read some, go and help them out with some free data (prizes there too!)