Rachel's Blog: A shared opinion of Frank Miller

Wed, 21 Jun 2006

Another comics link for today -- Karen Healey's new column, Girls Read Comics (And They're Pissed). I haven't found many people who share my so-low-I-nearly-stormed-out-of-the-cinema opinion of Sin City, so this is a joy to read. Healey's writing is perceptive, funny, educated and educational.

I'm angry that Stephanie Brown gets a sexualised torture and no memorial. I'm angry that the default costume for women is to show as much tits and ass as possible. I'm angry that a talented artist like Greg Land stoops to using porn stills to depict a teenage superheroine or that the women he draws are so airbrushed and glossy that they're facially indistinguishable. And Frank Miller? Oh, don't get me started on Miller. Or rather, do, but only if you don't mind the phrase "weasel-fucking rat-man".

Reading a comic should not make me want to cross my arms over my chest and lean away. I shouldn't have to struggle to come up with female superheroes who are strong and capable without being objectified. I demand from superhero comics what I demand from every other medium of cultural expression: women who are subjects, not objects. Women who have agency. Regardless of whether women are or are not readers, we deserve better than the depiction of our gender in those comics. (more)
Note that this is not a column about hating skimpy costumes in comics, but a column about the varied and sickeningly common instances of sexist tropes in superhero comics, superhero comics fandom, and the industry of superhero comics. (more)