Rachel's Blog: Victorian Bushfires 2009

Sun, 08 Feb 2009

There are now 84 confirmed dead in the bushfires that continue to burn across the state of Victoria tonight. Hundreds of homes have been lost, and hundreds of thousands of hectares of beautiful bushland and farmland destroyed.

It's almost impossible to comprehend. I'm sitting not a 45 minute drive from the devastated Kinglake area, yet I can't even smell the smoke.

Here's what I'm going to do:
Make a donation to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfires 2009 Appeal
Donate blood within the next couple of days.
And I'm going to offer up a felt piece originally made for a different charity auction (it was not bid on at the time).

Living Shroud felt panel

In the next post I will call for bids for the hanging and the high bidder at the time the auction closes gets the goods and the entirety of their winning bid will be donated to the Red Cross Appeal. I'll even cover the postage.

So please spread the word, and look out for more details in the next post.