Rachel's Blog: Queensbane and Conjure

Wed, 19 Apr 2006

Got back from Conjure yesterday with my brain functioning at the level of "stuff!" "cool!" "sleep!" and "where do we keep the coffee?" It's slightly better now. It was a great con. Loads of people with ideas, cool people, weird people and at least a couple of guys who are all three.

As for the individual panels, I focussed on the science and tech ones, rather than the fannish and fantasy side. I'm still processing a bunch of ideas, so ask me about them sometime if you're interested.

The Masquerade was suitably dorky, the bar tab was a pleasant surprise, the Ditmars needed dancing boys (congrats to the nominees and winners anyway), and it all ran super smoothly. I had a great time, thanks to Kate Eltham and the whole Conjure team.

Gary Kemble at the ABC has blogged a lot of the con at Articulate.

Brislandia is a nice enough city. I'd visit again. Good food, crap beverages. Mostly I saw the inside of a couple of hotels, but Southbank and the Roma St Parklands are green and happy places.

(I'm not usually an autograph hound, but I couldn't resist asking Cory to sign my laptop.)

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That is all.

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gory, story..

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