Rachel's Blog: Linucon

Mon, 02 Aug 2004

I think there will be something at Linucon for everyone I know. It's open source plus science fiction. Panels range from Linux vs Microsoft to Knitting Chain Mail, Steve Jackson Games to Boutique Publishing and more. Much, much more. October 8, Austin.

Comment by rodneyj on Wed, 11 Aug 2004

Which begs the question, is open source ever going to be truly ubiquitous or is it more like a sci-fi fantasy cult of 1000s of servers doing little or no traffic (but hey they WORK GREAT, they're self supporting and FREE!). Along these lines I found this post to be somewhat Ironic. I stumbled upon your site by complete accident looking for a way to put web-like anchors in CSV files so they looked/worked like hyperlinks when those shady marketing types open up the csv in excel.

I think we can safely blame Microsoft for the occurrence