Rachel's Blog: Hear Me Roar

Sat, 18 Sep 2004

These stories are all from today's Age and Sydney Morning Herald:

Woman stands by her guilty son. He is charged with leading his two nephews and another teenager to invade a home, tie up two people and gang rape their daughter. Why is his mother the focus of this story? Becuase she is innappropriately forgiving? Because she has the gall to blame "the system" instead of feeling guilty like we all think she should? How about some focus on the crime? The girl spent three days in hospital, but I bet that over a year later she's not feeling better.

Woman charged with infanticide after drowning her five-week-old daughter. She was depressed, but there is no mention of the child's father or any other family or friends. What a great society we are cultivating here where the only source of help this woman thought she had was an anonymous helpline. I keep saying I'm suprised this doesn't happen more often.

MP fired after driving in an unregistered vehicle while suspended. Yes, women are humans too. Some of us are exceedingly stupid.

A woman in Romania tore off her husband's testicles when she thought he was having an affair. Was he guilty? Why is her self-esteem so low that she resorts to violence to be heard? Or perhaps this is not an overreaction at all. Perhaps he is a repeat offender who kept breaking promises to change. Or maybe she has a mental illness. Maybe we all do.

Young women are writing candidly about their sex lives and people are buying their books by the hundreds of thousands. This is because people are voyeurs. And as it is marketed as literature it is acceptable voyeurism. But, you have to realise, young women don't have anything else to write about. Just like in Puberty Blues whole identities are built around sexual encounters. These methods of connecting with other human beings may be degrading, but sometimes it's all you've got. Or it could be pro-sex neo-feminism. What would I know? I've never read any of these books and I don't want to.