Rachel's Blog: Everyone's a Hamlet

Sun, 14 Aug 2005

Laura Thompson pleads that she wants to be left childless in peace. I suggest that now she has an article published in a widely read newspaper that she may be in want of more peace than ever.

The argument seems to be that as a childless woman Thompson is therefore free of responsibility to society as a whole. Giving no nods to women who are raising children -- children who will be her future carers, health workers, Manolo Blahnik manufacturers -- she suggests mothers take full financial responsibility for their offspring. Bitching about subsidising childcare, I wonder if she is equally bitter about her taxes funding roads she will never drive along, or local rates used to collect garbage that isn't hers.

Rather than shake my fist in fury at the gall of this woman whose "own career has been stymied on several occasions when a woman with whom [she is] dealing has disappeared on a sudden maternity leave, " I shall shake my head in disbelief.

Laura Thompson's is a sad story and I could be sympathetic. I get bored with endless talk about children too. But she's playing it out as another case of, "My life is more difficult than yours. It's harder. I have more to complain about." Everyone is the tragic figure in their own life's play.

Comment by toby on Sun, 21 Aug 2005

Send this as a letter to the newspaper! Please!