Rachel's Blog: Lessons*

Mon, 03 Dec 2007

In the car this morning Abbey commented that the hip-hop we were listening to on RRR was "a cool sound" and she asked what the scratching was. Yeah, just try and explain that to someone whose never seen a turntable. So when we got home I put on Scratch, which I highly recommend as a documentary, even if you know nothing of hip-hop, DJs or turntablism.

We only watched about 20 minutes - she wasn't really getting the whole history of it - but she was pretty excited by the breakdancing and pronounced DJ Qbert "fantastic." Another lesson in the nothing if not eclectic education of Abbey.

Edit: Later that night -- "Look, Mummy, I'm practising my scratching." And sure enough she was, using a pen and the side of a cardboard box. I believe this reaches a new level of awesomeness. Not a bad rhythm going either.

*Ultimate Lessons.