Rachel's Blog: Where's my community?

Wed, 05 Oct 2005

Maybe I'm missing something. There's probably a really big boulder just over there that I haven't looked behind yet. Please, let me know if you stumble across it. I'm talking about people. My kind of people. Only I don't know where they are, or even if they exist in substantial numbers.

The Internet is supposed to be good for communities, isn't it? Well I keep coming across groups of people that only partially fit. I was described yesterday as a "renaissance person". Is that the problem? Are my interests too specific or not specific enough?

Let's break it down (cue the beats). I'm a mother. I'm a Mother Who Thinks. But I'm a Mother Who Thinks About Things Other Than Being a Mother. And I'm Not American, I like it here in Melbourne.

I'm a Writer. But I am not a Romance, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Fantasy, Literary, Children's, Non-Fiction or Poetry Writer. I'm all of those and none.

I'm a Crafter. But I don't Sell What I Make. I'm also Pretty Thrifty

I Read. Graphic Novels, Film Scripts, Histories of Europe, Cookbooks, Essays, Magazines and the TV Guide. (I am addicted to libraries)

I'm Not Religious.

I'm both Frustrated and Bored by Politics.

I like Scary, Gothy things, but I'm Notagoth. I might be a Hipster. (Only another hipster knows for sure.)

I'm Well Educated and Unapologetic.

I'd make a good Recluse, but I like Gardens too.

So why is it that I can find all of these groups that fit some of these criteria, yet none that I'm comfortable hanging around in for the long term? Am I a Snob too?

Comment by Ricky Buchanan on Wed, 05 Oct 2005

I agree with everything that you wrote, except the categories differ from yours... my main "disconnect" is around illness/disability. It seems that most people who are as limited as I am physically are so totally focussed on that, with no other interests :/ And the interests which I do have are as eclectic as yours, which I am sure doesn't help!

Sorry, no answers to it though - it's something that I have struggled with all my life. I suspect that the same is true for anyone who is not wallpaper people.


Comment by toby on Wed, 05 Oct 2005

Welcome to the long tail.

Comment by Brett Morgan on Sat, 08 Oct 2005

I have become a bit of a butterfly, looking to different social groupings to tickle different parts of my personality. To the goths for my visual needs (no such thing as too much latex and leather), to the yoga addicts for body awareness and healthy living, to Continuum for overloading on sci-fi and fantasy.

I really doubt there is one community that contains everything we need. I'm with toby on this one, welcome to the long tail...