Rachel's Blog: The long way home

Fri, 18 Mar 2005

We saw Richard off at the airport this morning. He's spending the next ten days at a conference in Washington D.C. Ten days is not only the longest that we've been apart in the last six years; the longest he's been away from Abbey; the longest I've had to care for Abbey solo since she was born; but, it is the longest period of time that I have ever had to be the responsible adult.

How did I get to age 29 without this occuring before? I've never lived alone. In fact I've never even lived in a share house, so no practice being responsible (or not) there. I've house-sat for a week at a time here and there, but that's it. This is going to be some trial by fire.

Got off to a good start by taking the, uh, scenic tour of the Western Ring Road from the airport. Other than that day one has gone swimmingly. Abbey looked around a bit for Richard at bathtime (he often gets in from work at this time) but is otherwise just teething. Lower right molar. Bring on the drugs!

I'm off to watch mediocre movies and eat ice-cream soy-product now.