Rachel's Blog: State of the Brain

Thu, 04 Aug 2005

Just a general brain-dump of a post. Bulletpoints aplenty.

  • A quick tally reveals I have achieved just 30 of my Uberlist's 105 things to do this year. But if you add in all the things I've done along the way...
  • Another tally reveals we already own about thirty of the 400-or-so Penguin Classics on the Australian list (I couldn't find a complete list of the US catalogue). So the Amazon bargain of all 1082 Penguin Classic titles for just $US7989.99 would be unnecessarily wasteful.
  • Abbey's first complete sentence: "How 'bout some apple?"
  • Sony Pictures wrote me a letter. Between the lines they are crying, "Stop it! We haven't decided about Mirrormask yet." I still say they need to know how much it will be appreciated in Australia.
  • I've been commissioned to write a book. Huzzah! What do you lot know about nanotechnology?
  • I saw Serenity at a preview screening at the Jam Factory. Ooohh-er! So shiny. Come September 29, I'll be seeing it again.
  • Finally finished cataloguing all our books. 1186 including over 250 picture books and YA books. And 71 DVDs not including BTVS and Angel.