Rachel's Blog: She was damn cheerful, that's all I can say.

Mon, 10 Sep 2007

I was in the bakery of a large supermarket choosing bread, she was stocking shelves.
"Great day isn't it?" she said.
"Sure is," I replied.
"I mean," she went on, "Isn't it just a great day to be alive?" I begin edging away, but I still don't have my bread. I circle warily.
"I like to take each day as it comes, you know?" I nod bravely, I want her to stop.
"It's great to be alive." She tucks a price tag onto the shelf and turns to me, "I was just diagnosed with breast cancer, you see, and I just like to be really grateful for every day I have."
"Ah," I say, and manage not to follow it with, "That's great!" Because she was just so happy. It sounded like a good thing. For a moment.