Rachel's Blog: No! Sleep! Till Bedtime!

Sat, 19 Mar 2005

Today was a Good Day. Mum and I pushed Abbey to the limit by taking her to the Stitches and Craft Show all day. She hardly complained at all. We took her outside for a crawl on the lawn a couple of times because it was pretty boring for her being stuck in the pram, but considering she did not sleep from 7.15 am until the twenty minute nap she took in the car at 3.30 pm she is the Best Daughter Ever.

So, yes, we spent a little bit of money, but honestly held back on even more, so I say it was a winning situation. And the best thing I bought will be a great toy for Abbey once I've finished playing with her. It's Imogen from ak traditions; a beautiful handmade in Kyrgyzstan doll with lots of clothes for me to knit. She's not exactly the same as on the website, but came with dark blue cords and felt boots and a mess of pinkandwhiteandblue wool to knit a jumper and hat.

Teething seems to have settled down for the moment, but that doesn't mean the night was without drama, oh no! I heard a strange bumping-smash sound a little after I put Abbey to bed last night. I couldn't find any obvious cause, even after checking all the windows, so put it down to the renovations next door. Checked on Abbey - sound asleep. This morning I went in to find the crappy IKEA light fitting in Abbey's room had fallen off and smashed against her change table. Pity we just installed the same sort in the study. I'm waiting for it to fall on my head right now...

Luckily it fell about as far from Abbey's cot as possible, so the only injury she suffered was being made to watch Barbie commercials interspersed by cartoons this morning, instead of reading books like she wanted to, while I vacuumed the floor seventeen times. I'm going to Parent Hell for that one.

Here's a pic taken once order was restored and she was back in her natural environment.

And here's a bonus one from yesterday of her practising her ambidextrousness.

I understand there's something on the TV tonight called S-t-a-r W-a-r-s. Must check that out.

Edit to add: Holy Crap! I was just checking email before going to bed and the damn light fitting went ping! I managed to catch the glass shade before it fell. So that's a NO vote for bargain IKEA light fittings. Weird thing though, the one in Abbey's room has/had been up for 16 months, and this one not even a fortnight.

Comment by Richard on Sat, 19 Mar 2005

Imogen is very cute :)

Glad to hear it was suck a rockin' day!

Comment by Richard on Sat, 19 Mar 2005

Oh, and I need that second photo for my laptop desktop :)